• Blake and Katrina

Menu for July 6th Market

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at the market. Just a reminder that we use all organic flour, butter, nuts and seeds! Sourcing these ingredients has been a challenge, but well worth the effort. We hope you enjoy the results!

Signature Breads

Laramie Levain $5

Blend of organic white flour, whole milled wheat, and whole milled rye.

Baguettes $3.50

Levain/yeast blend.

Seeded Multigrain $5

Whole milled wheat, sunflower, flax, pumpkin, homegrown corn, and oats.

Pain Rustique $4/ loaf

Pre-fermented white flour in a ciabatta-style bread that's as light as a pillow.

Rotating Breads

Kamut - Spelt Levain $6

Blend of whole milled Kamut, spelt, high-extraction and white flour with our signature levain recipe.

Solstice Walnut Bread $7

High-extraction flour and hard-to-find organic walnuts. These are expensive and very special ingredients!

Croissants $3.50 ea

All organic ingredients, made by hand. A special treat!

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