• Blake and Katrina

And We're Back! Menu for August 3rd

After several days of travel, we are once again covered in flour and lighting the fire in our outdoor oven. We hope to see you at the market again tomorrow for our freshly baked breads, including a new favorite, Pan Au Chocolat.

Signature Breads

Laramie Levain $5

Blend of organic white flour, whole milled wheat, and whole milled rye.


Baguettes $3.50

Levain/yeast blend.

Seeded Multigrain $5

Whole milled wheat, sunflower, flax, pumpkin, homegrown corn, and oats.

Pain Rustique $4

Pre-fermented white flour in a ciabatta-style bread that's as light as a pillow.

Rotating Breads

Whole Wheat Levain $5

Walnut Bread $6


Pan Au Chocolat

All organic ingredients, including chocolate(!), made by hand. A special treat!

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