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Happy Holidays from Solstice Acre

As Liam and Everett eagerly follow the Google Santa Tracker, Blake and I would like to take a moment to thank all of the Laramie bread lovers who have supported Solstice Acre with purchases of breads and pastries this year.

As many of you know, we started Solstice Acre as a summer project to teach our boys about producing a product, selling it, and donating the proceeds. I'm excited to report that we have decided to make our experiment a permanent nonprofit that will serve Laramie in a couple of different ways. This month, we submitted paperwork to make Solstice Acre a formal 501c3. The central focus of Solstice Acre will be food security as we will always donate the net proceeds of bread and pastry sales to organizations like Feeding Laramie Valley.

However, we would like to expand the bakery to serve more than forty loaves per bake day. When we discussed expanding our operation this fall, we realized that we had an opportunity to connect Solstice Acre with another area our family is passionate about: autism. Our eldest son, Liam, is autistic, and we know that there is a challenge finding job opportunities for young people with autism. For this reason, this spring, we're planning to develop a paid apprentice baker program that will hopefully give a young person the opportunity to develop vocational skills while providing Blake some much-needed support in the kitchen.

We will be back will more pop-up bakes this spring. Thank you again for supporting your local bakers!

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