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Still on the fence? Subscriptions FAQs

We still have some slots open in our new subscriptions program, and we've heard a quite a few questions from people trying to decide. So, we decided to create a FAQ with the answers to all your questions and a few more. When you're ready, sign up on our online form, linked here.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it be the same type of bread every week?

We like to mix it up, so every week we will have a couple of signature loaves available, as well as a couple of new options.

  • Can I choose which bread you deliver to me?

Sure! We will send out a reminder email each Monday with the menu for the week. Let us know within 24 hours of your preference, or let us surprise you. You have an option on the form to select a preference for whole grain breads or white breads.

  • What kinds of bread do you have to choose from?

Each week, we make signature loaves or favorites that frequently grace our menu, like Laramie levain and seeded multigrain. We also try to bring a variety of artisan style breads, like pane siliciano, walnut levain, and chocolate bread. For pictures, check out the bakery menu on our website,

  • What happens if I go on vacation and can’t pick up my bread?

Our form offers a couple of options. We can freeze and hold it for delivery the following week, or you can donate your bread to Feeding Laramie Valley and a family will receive your donation.

  • Is your bread any good after it’s been frozen?

Yes! We like to slice it before freezing to make great toast, or you can crisp your bread using the following instructions. Thaw on your kitchen counter overnight, then place in a 450 degree oven for 5-6 min.

  • I want to donate bread to Feeding Laramie Valley. Can you help me do that?

Sure! You can purchase a share for FLV or donate when you’re unable to do the pick-up. You can also get two loaves a week – one for you and one for FLV. Any donated loaves will go to families in their foodshares program.

  • Can I pick up my bread at a different time than the time listed?

We are always happy to make special arrangements. Email us and we’ll set you up.

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