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See you tomorrow at the market - July 12

We've been talking about getting an additional oven for so long that it seems like we need to have a proper homecoming party for her. We'll have to figure that out. In the meantime, I have a picture of her with our handsome head baker:

Good Looking

Now onto the the list of breads for tomorrow in Undine Park at 3 pm.


Chocolate Croissants

Classic buttery, chocolate pastries.

Seeded Multigrain

Whole milled wheat, sunflower, flax, pumpkin, homegrown corn, and oats.

Roasted Potato Bread

Later in the season, this bread features potatoes picked directly from our back garden. Alas, it's too early for Solstice Acre potatoes, but not to try this white bread made moist through adding roasted potatoes to the dough.

Pan Rustique

No two loaves of these ciabatta-like loaves are the same. Light as a pillow, made with organic white wheat.


Slow fermented levain yeast blend.

Laramie Levain

100% levain leavened. Blend of organic white flour, whole milled wheat, and whole milled rye.

Whole Wheat Levain

Like Laramie Levain, with more whole wheat!

Rye with flax

70% whole-ground rye, flax, yeast and levain blend. Dense and delicious!

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