• Blake and Katrina

Goats in the Wood Pile

A few weeks ago, we had a cord of wood delivered to our back pasture to heat the wood fired oven, and the goat girls have been eating it. Blake meant to move it to its spot near the oven, but each time he tries to move it, the girls go wild with the potential that they’ve missed a good specimen.

Here’s a shot of Camilla looking innocent, as she does…

Onto the menu for tomorrow Thursday, July 19, at 3 pm in Undine Park!


Millet Porridge Levain

Toasted whole millet cooked in a porridge with a whole wheat levain base. Great with a cheese plate or with salad to add depth to a light summer meal.

Pain de Seigle

Whole grain rye in a sourdough base with currants and walnuts.

Seeded Multigrain

Whole milled wheat, sunflower seeds, flax, pumpkin, corn seeds, and oats.

Laramie Levain

100% levain leavened. Blend of organic white flour, whole milled wheat, and whole milled rye.


Slow fermented levain yeast blend.

Pain Rustique

Light as a pillow, made with organic white wheat.

Harvest Bread

Poolish based bread covered in wheat germ and bran. Delicious wheaty flavor!

Chocolate Croissants

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