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Holiday Pop-Up Sunday, December 16!

Our holiday pop-up sale is now sold out! We're sorry to those who missed us!

Happy Holidays! Blake and I have been practicing our favorite seasonal bakes in hopes of bringing a special Solstice Acre touch to our customers this year. Below are our options.

Here's how it works: Fill out the order form at the top of our website. On the form, you will have your choice of four breads. Orders will be ready for pick-up at our home, 5418 Pilot Peak Rd. from 4-5 pm on Sunday, December 16.

Christmas Kringle $12 / each

A pastry favorite from Denmark, well known in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest, this danish is a buttery wreath wrapped around a pecan sugar filling and covered in royal icing. So yummy!

Stollen $12 / each

German sweet bread made with candied fruit and nuts. Ours has candied orange peel, cranberries, almonds, homemade orange marzipan, and is topped in a rum glaze and confectioner’s sugar.

Cinnamon Star $8 / each

A take-and-share sweet cinnamon bread in the shape of a star. Quite festive and delicious.

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