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Celebrating the New Year with Sourdough Sale

Happy New Year! We hope that your holiday season was met with warm wishes from friends and family, and that you are heading into a positive and cheerful new year.

At our little homestead, we're planning a new bake for next Saturday, January 12. Our head baker Blake has planned a themed bake for next week - all made from levain. Levain is the fancy French name for our sourdough starter, which helps our levain breads rise. Blake has managed our levain in such a way as to emphasize depth of flavor rather than sourness, allowing it to be the base for a wide variety of different bread types.

Here's how it works: Fill out the order form at the top of our website and here for two loaves of bread for $11. On the form, you will have your choice of four breads. Bread orders will be ready for pick-up at our home, 5418 Pilot Peak Road from 4-5 pm on Saturday, January 12. You can see our oven and meet our goats and chickens while you pick up your bread.

Following is our menu. Email me at if you are having any issues with the form or questions. Cheers!

Pane Sicilliano

An Italian white bread made with semolina flour and topped with sesame seeds, boasting a delicious open crumb.

Irish Levain

A blend of rye and wheat levain combine with Guinness beer to create a flavorful bread.


Whole milled wheat, sunflower seeds, flax, pumpkin, corn seeds, and oats.

Laramie Levain

100% levain leavened. Blend of organic white flour, whole milled wheat, and whole milled rye.

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