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March 23 Pop-Up

Friends of Solstice Acre:

Update: Thank you for your orders! We are pleased to announce that we have sold out of our pop-up sale for Saturday.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We are pleased to announce that we’ve our next pop-up bake day for next Saturday, March 23. For this bake, we are excited to highlight our partnership with Neolithic Brand grains, a product of the Wyoming First Grains Project in the UW College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. We will be baking with Wyoming-grown emmer, finally meeting a longtime goal of ours to bake with Wyoming grown grain.

In case you’re new to our pop-ups, here’s the scoop: Fill out the order form at the top of our website and here for two loaves of bread for $11. On the form, you will have your choice of four breads. Bread orders will be ready for pick-up at our home, 5418 Pilot Peak Road from 4-5 pm on Saturday, March 23. You can see our ovens and meet our goats and chickens while you pick up your bread.

Following is our menu. Email me at if you are having any issues with the form or questions. Cheers!

Now, without further ado, here’s more detail about our menu:


Focaccia with Italian Herbs

We donated bread for the Italian dinner at the Family Promise Event last month, and this bread was a particular hit. A round pan bread made with olive oil and topped with herbs.

Scalded Emmer Levain

Blake freshly mills the emmer and then sifts out the bran. The bran is scalded and soaked overnight, then mixed back into the final dough for a milder and sweeter flavor. The bread is produced with our natural leaven for a mild whole-grain influenced sourdough.

Pain Rustique

Light as a pillow, made with organic white wheat. Our house version of ciabatta!

Seeded Multigrain

Whole milled wheat, sunflower seeds, flax, pumpkin, corn seeds, and oats.

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