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A Little Rye

Blake has a penchant for baking with rye wheat, but in the US, many people associate rye bread with caraway seeds - a flavor that many people dislike, Blake included, so we never include it our bread. To convince our customers of the glories of rye, Blake has been serving rye samples for several seasons with great success, but this season, as we're unable to serve them at the market, we are going to make a leap of faith to serve not one but two rye breads at tomorrow's market. Rye lovers unite! and come out in support of this delicious grain tomorrow at the Thursday Market starting at three pm.

We will have two rye breads on hand. The first is our rye with flax bread, a great bread that we have served at the market for the past several years. The second is a new bread to our lineup, called German farmer's bread. When I asked Blake to describe, he said "It's German and made by farmers." Very helpful. But really, it's bread made with rye and wheat, then soured with a bit of yogurt.

Lastly, for those who love sourdoughs, we will be bringing out our whole wheat levain tomorrow. This one is like our traditional French sourdough, Laramie Levain, but with more whole wheat. Blake ground the whole wheat fresh himself just today.

In addition, we shall have our regulars: seeded multigrain, pain rustique, Laramie levain, focaccia, baguettes, and pastries. See you tomorrow!

Grinding Wheat

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