• Blake and Katrina

Baker Blake and his Pirate Leg

For those who have been waiting patiently for announcement of our annual holiday baking event, I am sad to announce that we have decided to cancel this year's event. We are considering an alternative super pop-up for the spring and would love your feedback. Would special treats for Valentine's Day or Easter (April 12) draw your interest?

Blake has broken the sesamoid bone in his toe/foot and, after two months in an aircast, is now completely immobilized in an attempt to stave off surgery. This has been challenging in our split-level house for Blake, who already has trouble sitting still, so he's zooming around one floor on a knee scooter and another in crutches, and for a little while in the kitchen each day, he sports the "iWalk pirate leg crutch" which is just as awkward as it sounds. Still, even with all of these assistive techs in tow, it's exhausting and painful for him to move around right now and being upright for the 8-10 hours of a bake are not in the cards for a bake the size of our holiday event. Thank you to everyone for understanding!

Our favorite part of baking for Solstice Acre this time of year is connecting with such a wonderful community of people. Thank you for making Laramie a great place to live, and warm wishes for a great New Year!

Blake in the Pirate Leg

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