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Bringing Levain to Laramie

After a couple of week's away, we will be back at the Laramie Farmer's Market tomorrow afternoon.

Every week, Blake brings classics like Laramie Levain and French Baguettes to market. These breads are made with levain, and at our stand, we're often asked about what levain means. In short, it's a French word referring the natural fermentation of our sourdough starter. We use our levain in several of our classic breads and sometimes in our rotating breads too, like Toasted Oat Levain or Irish Guiness Levain. If you're a sourdough lover, ask about our selection next time you stop by our stand.

Tomorrow, market starts at 3 pm - arrive early for the best selection. Our booth moves around a bit each week, but we are usually on the side of the market nearest to Garfield Street.

Please see below for our menu for tomorrow's market. I've put an asterisk next to our classic selections. These breads will be available at the market every week. The other breads and goodies will be rotated throughout the season. If you have a favorite type of bread or pastry, please let us know!





Laramie Levain*

Seeded Multigrain*

Pain Rustique*

Scalded Spelt Levain

Semolina Sesame

Rye with Flax


Chocolate Croissants*

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