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Brot Comes to the Farmer's Market

For years, I've been learning German on Duolingo, a language app on my phone. I can write and parrot eloquently about a bear drinking beer and the spring asparagus festival (apparently white asparagus is the best). This week, I have been doing my Deutsch lessons about the farmer's market. "Wir verkaufen an diesem Stand nur dunkles Brot!" and "An welchem Stand auf dem Markt können wir Gebäck kaufen?" were among my sentences this week. In other words, "We only sell dark bread at this stand!" and "At which stand at the market can we buy pastries?" After years, finally some sentences I can use!

We are planning to have a German bread "Powerbrot" at the market tomorrow. Powerbrot is our hiker's bread. It's chock full of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Did you know "Wanderer" is the German word for hiker?

The rest of the list for tomorrow's farmer's market, starting at 3 pm, downtown is below:





Laramie Levain*

Seeded Multigrain*

Pain Rustique*


Whole Wheat Currant and Hazelnut

Sunflower Flax Levain


Chocolate Croissants* Kougin Amann

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