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Check Out Our March 26 Pop-up!

And we're back! It's finally melting outside and we're eager to bake for you again. Blake is planning a bunch of traditional favorites for our next pop-up bake on this Saturday, March 26 plus PowerBrott for our hiking friends out there!

Please join us by filling out the order form linked here: On the form, you will have your choice of four breads. Bread orders will be ready for pick-up at our home, 5418 Pilot Peak Road, from 4-5 pm. We'll come right out to your car and deliver your bread to your door. Have something special planned during pick-up time? Order anyway, and we'll arrange another time for pick-up.


Sunflower Flax Levain $6.00

A hearty sourdough style bread filled to the brim with sunflower and flax seeds. Perfect with a winter soup or your morning toast!

Laramie Levain $5.50

Our signature sourdough made in the French country bread style. More mild than American sourdoughs, but full of flavor and a great chewy texture.

PowerBrott $6.00

A unique bread made with 100% whole grains (50/50 rye/wheat). Slightly sweet thanks to a dose of molasses and dried currants, it also contains whole millet, oats, and a mix of seeds. This dense bread is great on the trail or sliced thin and served with good butter.

Semolina Sesame $6.00

Golden in color thanks to a large portion of semolina flour - the same flour used to make pasta. With a huge amount of sesame seeds, this bread is an addicting umami bomb!

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