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Grains, Morning Buns, and Fruit Pies

We look forward to another great day at the market tomorrow afternoon starting in Undine Park. From our breads, our Rye with Flax and Whole Wheat Hazelnut with Currants are our featured breads this week. In our pastry case, we're planning morning buns and chocolate croissants, and we'll have a selection of fruit pies on offer too. It should be a delicious day! As always, arrive around 3 pm for the best selection.


Seeded Multigrain

Laramie Levain Pain Rustique Focaccia Baguettes Whole Wheat Levain Rye with Flax Whole-Wheat Hazelnut with Currants Pastries Chocolate Croissants Morning Buns

Pies Peach, Apple, and Strawberry/Rhubarb pies

Maybe even some Cupcakes

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