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Last Solstice Acre Day at Thursday Market 2021

Tomorrow will be the last day that Solstice Acre is at the Thursday Market this season. Come on out to Undine Park at 3 pm and stock up on your favorite breads. In addition to our classics available each week, we will also serve whole wheat hazelnut with currants and the spelt levain with walnuts. Our pastry case this week will be filled with chocolate croissants and morning buns.

Thank you for supporting us through the season. Each fall, Baker Blake and I sit down with the nonprofit board of Solstice Acre (shout-out to Josh, Josh, and Kirsten!) and plan donations of our proceeds to food security in Albany County. You make that possible!

Keep your eyes on your email for pop-ups through the fall and spring, as we await next year's farmer's market. We have already penciled in dates for the next three months and can't wait to bake for you again. Until then, see you tomorrow and menu below!



Whole Wheat Hazelnuts with Currants

Spelt Levain with Walnuts


Pain Rustique

Laramie Levain


Seeded Multigrain


Chocolate Croissants

Morning Buns

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