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Nearing the End...

Have you ever read the classic children's book, The Monster at the End of this Book? I am reminded of that gem as I explain that we are coming to that time in the season when it might be worthwhile to talk about stocking up on bread. Tomorrow is our penultimate visit to the Thursday Market, as Baker Blake will be at a mandatory retreat for his faculty position on August 20, meaning that we won't be at the market next week. Our final day at the Thursday Market is August 27. It is time to panic! and buy bread!

This week at the market, in addition to our classics, which include Seeded Multigrain, Focaccia, Laramie Levain, Baguettes, Pain Rustique, and Chocolate Croissants, we are planning to bring back a few rotating loaves that have been popular this summer. These are whole wheat hazelnut with currants, powerbrott, and spelt sourdough with walnuts as well cinnamon morning buns in our pastry case.

Now, for those who know The Monster at the End of this Book, they know that one of its charms is that the story is told from the perspective of Grover, worried throughout about the monster at the end of the book, when the monster in question is Grover himself. My own cry to panic is told in similar jest. Though the weekly Thursday Market fun may be coming to a close for our family, we will continue to have periodic pop-up events, as the weather and social distancing allows. Stay tuned to our blog and our Facebook for news of those as we transition into the fall.

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