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Our First July Bake

Thank you to everyone who braved the wind and rain to greet us at the Friday Farmer's Market last week. The bread stayed dry under our canopy, and though we were shivering, we were thrilled to see our bread friends downtown. This week, the forecast looks a little better than last week and either way, we will be there downtown to greet you near the Garfield entrance in "Food Truck Alley."

This week, in addition to our signature breads like Laramie Levain and Pain Rustique, Blake is planning for a Pain de Seigle, a French rye bread, made with cranberries and walnuts. While on the fruit and nut kick, he's also bringing a hazelnut currant loaf, a riff on whole wheat with honey, hazelnuts and - you guessed it - currants.

The breads go on sale at 3 pm. Arrive early for best selection.



Focaccia*: $6

Baguette*: $4.50

Laramie Levain*: $6

Seeded Multigrain*: $6

Pain Rustique*: $5

Semolina Sesame: $6.50

Pain de Siegle: $5.50

Hazelnut Currant: $6.50


Chocolate Croissants*:$4

Honey Spelt Pretzels: $3.50

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