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Rain or Shine, We'll Be Out Tomorrow!

As I write to you tonight, it is raining outside and Blake and I are planning our next bake for tomorrow with or without some rain showers. Did we mention that we learned to bake in Oregon? That we don't believe in bumbershoots? We can handle a little rain! Our challenge to you is to come out tomorrow and show us that you can manage a little rain too!

Come on out to see us tomorrow at 3 pm at the Thursday Market, and check out some of the other amazing vendors too. I've seen some great other food vendors that are serving some dishes that could be great with our breads. The Sweet Melissa's Food Truck fare and Solstice Acre Bread for instance? A match made in heaven! See you all tomorrow.


Laramie Levain


Pain Rustique


Rye with Flax

Seeded Multigrain

Whole Wheat Hazelnut with Currants

Golden Buffalo Sourdough

Chocolate Croissants

Kouign Amman Pastries

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