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Rain or Shine, We'll Be There!

Our first couple of outings at the Laramie Friday Farmer's Market have been rainy ones, and tomorrow looks to be no different, but we have enjoyed seeing old friends and introducing new ones to our bread and our mission. Thank you to everyone who has braved the weather to come see us. For those who are accustomed to us selling out in a flash, know that between more bread, the weather, and the new location, we've been "in bread" for longer than our Undine days, so look for us tomorrow starting at 3 or on your next Friday Market trip. Now onto the bread!

In addition to our signature breads, this week, we're bringing roasted potato bread, whole wheat levain, and PowerBrott. Our roasted potato bread is a white bread, made with potatoes that Blake will roast tonight before adding to the dough tomorrow (so, about what it sounds like, which is delicious). Our whole wheat levain is our classic sourdough bread with a whole wheat twist. Lastly, our PowerBrott is a dense German bread, choke full of nuts and seeds, wonderful to take on the trail for a hike or on a platter with cheese.

Here's our menu for this week:

Signature Loaves

Pain Rustique


Laramie Levain

Seeded Multigrain


Rotating Loaves

Roasted Potato

Whole Wheat Levain



Chocolate Croissants

Morning Buns

Honey Spelt Pretzels

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