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See You at the Farmer's Market!

Tomorrow, June 24th, is the first Friday Farmer's Market of the year, and Solstice Acre will be there with all your favorite fresh breads and pastries. Blake has fired the outdoor oven and he and Abbie and have measured and ground the grains, all in anticipation of tomorrow's bake. We will be located near the entrance of "Food Truck Alley" off of Garfield. The market starts at 3 pm - arrive early for the best selection.

Please see below for our menu for tomorrow's market. I've put an asterisk next to our classic selections. These breads will be available at the market every week. The other breads and goodies will be rotated throughout the season. If you have a favorite type of bread or pastry, please let us know!



Focaccia*: $6

Baguette*: $4.5

Laramie Levain*: $6

Seeded Multigrain*: $6

Pain Rustique*: $5

Semolina Sesame: $6.5

Rye with Flax: $6

Scalded Spelt Levain: $6


Chocolate Croissants*:$4

Honey Spelt Pretzels: $3.5

Bread Oven

Our breads are sold under the Wyoming Food Freedom Act.

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