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Sunflower Flax on a Sunny Day

Welcome back Bread Friends!

Tomorrow is the first Friday Market with no rain in the forecast, so if you haven't found our stall at the market yet, it's the perfect time to come out and take a stroll down the lane, starting with our bread stand. We open up at 3 pm, and will be located near the end of the market on the Garfield Ave side.

In addition to our delicious favorite loaves, this week our rotating loaves will include rye with flax, pane siciliano, sunflower flax levain, and our kouign aman pastries. As I always emphasis to our first time rye tasters, our rye is a German-style rye with no carraway seeds that is great on a cheese board. Our pane siciliano is an Italian bread made with sesame seeds. Our sunflower flax is a French sourdough mixed with sunflower and flax seeds. And finally, kouign amann pastries are a Briton pastry made by layering croissant dough with sugar and butter and baking until carmelized. A worthy snack for your stroll through the market.

Our menu for tomorrow is below:





Laramie Levain

Seeded Multigrain

Pain Rustique

Rye with Flax

Pane Siciliano

Sunflower Flax Levain


Chocolate Croissants

Honey Spelt Pretzels

Kouign Amann

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