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Thanksgiving Pop-up, Saturday 11/20

We are planning our Thanksgiving pop-up event for next for Saturday, November 20 with our sun seed bread, rye with flax, Laramie levain, and whole wheat hazelnut with currants.

If you're new to our Solstice Acre pop-ups, they go like this: Fill out the order form linked here: On the form, you will have your choice of four breads. Bread orders will be ready for pick-up at our home, 5418 Pilot Peak Road, from 4-5 pm on Saturday, November 20. We'll come right out to your car and deliver your bread to your door.

Here are the breads that will be on the menu for November:

Sun Seed Bread

A fun fall bread made with homegrown winter squash, sunflower seeds, and a hint of black pepper. This bread is awesome with fall soups or charcuterie.

Laramie Levain

Our signature sourdough made in the French country bread style. More mild than American sourdoughs, but full of flavor and a great chewy texture.

Rye with Flax

Made with 60% whole rye (we mill it ourselves!) and a generous amount of flax seed. This hearty bread is best sliced thin and served with butter.

Whole Wheat Hazelnut with Currants

A hearty whole wheat bread that is slightly sweet from honey and currants. Throw in some hazelnuts and this is bread is special. Make some grilled turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving with this loaf!

Rye with Flax

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