• Blake and Katrina

Tomorrow's Bread plus Croissants and Cake Truffles!

Thank you to everyone who came to Thursday Market last week at 3 pm in Undine Park and helped us sell out of nearly 100 loaves by 4:30! Blake will be out again this week with a variety of delicious breads, as well as our famous chocolate croissants.

We will also have a new item on the menu that we're trying for the first time this year: cake truffles. Think cake rolled in a ball, dipped in chocolate, then rolled in cake crumbs, then cooled. We'll have a couple of flavors tomorrow: birthday cake and lemon. You want to try this. Trust us.

Now, without further ado, the bread menu:

Pain Rustique


Whole Wheat Levain

Laramie Levain

Seeded Multigrain

Whole wheat with hazelnuts* Focaccia*

Pain de Siegel (rye)*

* No pictures available but no less delicious!

See you at 3pm in Undine Park for the Thursday Farmer's Market.

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