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Holiday Pop-Up - Sunday, December 19

The holidays have arrived at Solstice Acre, which means it's time for our annual holiday pop-up event. We're planning two favorites - chocolate and hazelnut panettone and stollen, made with homemade marzipan and dried fruit. Both are delicious, and unlike the versions that pop-up in specialty stores this time of the year, ours are baked fresh on the day of pick up.

To order a stollen or panettone loaf, go to our order form linked here: . Pick up will be at our home, 5418 Pilot Peak between 4 and 5 pm this Saturday, December 19. As have in the past, Blake and I will be set up with a table outside, ready to deliver your bread to the door of your car. If the timing doesn't work for you, let us know and we can work out a later time.

Stollen $12

German sweet bread made with candied fruit and nuts. Ours has candied orange peel, dried cherries, currents, almonds, homemade marzipan, and is topped in a buttered-rum glaze and confectioner’s sugar.

Panettone $12

Variation on a classic Italian Christmas Bread made with chocolate and hazelnuts. In our test batch of this delicious bread, we ate this for dessert served with creme fraiche, then ate it for breakfast and tea snack over several following days.

Happy Holidays! Thank you for your support of our non-profit this year!

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